hey guys ok so there’s this app called feature points and i’m sure you’re seen people talking about it on your dash and think it’s fake but it’s not. it’s completely real and it’s amazing. if you haven’t done it yet DO IT NOW because there’s some awesome shit you can get if you get enough points like iPad minis and gift cars for amazon and shit ton of apps. it’s really cool.

so if you have an iPhone go to your browser and use this like http://featu.re/GC9BRU or use my referral code: GC9BRU you’ll get 50 bonus points right there and that’s really good for a start

if you have Android download the app and use the referral code you see above and refer other people 

reblog this and let people know! good luck!

send in requests guys and please make sure it is not too hard to find images

thank you xx